Nilgiris Waterfalls Trek

Nilgiris is also known as the ‘Blue Mountains’ in English. It is an extension of the Western Ghats of India in the state of Tamil Nadu. More than 20 mountains in Nilgiris are at a height of 6,000 feet (approx). Also, the highest point in the region is known as Doddabetta and is at a height of 8,651 feet. The altitude of Nilgiris makes it a cold place when compared to its neighbouring districts. The temperature can drop to below 10 °C at night. The cool temperature, rain and the terrain makes Nilgiris a perfect place for tea plantation. Most of the tea from here gets exported. Spending time here is an eye opener and is heaven for tea lovers. The mountains of Nilgiris have many trekking routes for adventure lovers. It is completely different from the Western Ghats of Karnataka. Not just tea and trekking, but Nilgiris is also known for fruit and flower fairs. Nilgiris as a whole district cannot be covered on just a weekend but we can try our best to cover as much as possible.

Nilgiris Waterfalls Trek


TREK TYPE Weekend Trek ALTITUDE 6,500 feet
TRAIL TYPE Trail including gradual inclines and declines along with tea gardens and moderate forest covers. DIFFICULTY Moderate. Previous experience is always an added advantage. Difficulty of any trek is subjective.
TREKKING DISTAMCE 17 kms (approximately) REGION Nilgiris is an extension of the Western Ghats of India in Tamil Nadu.

DAY 0 Pickup from Bangalore
DAY 1 Overnight journey till Nilgiri base camp - Freshen up - Local Tamil style breakfast - Start the trek - Edge Walk - Waterfall - Tea garden trek - Trek another 6 kms - Pack lunch - Reach Waterfall - Return via a different route - Reach Nilgiri base camp - Campfire
DAY 2 Wake Up - Freshen Up - Breakfast - Tea factory visit - Return to Bangalore via Bandipur - Reach Bangalore

Our core team is handled by people who have done multiple mountaineering courses, summited several mountains and have the experience of leading treks for several years.
We don't compromise when it comes to safety equipments like oxygen cylinder (in the Himalayan Treks), stretcher (in the Himalayan Treks), medical kits etc. Our leaders are trained to use them in any situation.
Our local support from the mountains is always supporting right from the beginning of the trek to the end. We have hand picked the right people to do the right thing.
Get Beyond Limits has done more than 700 treks and catered to around 12,000 different people in a span of 4.3+ years. Our experience caters safety more than anything when it comes to a trek.
Travelling alone may not be easy for some of us as we might be coming from different corners of India. To take care of this, we even connect people before a trek so that they can plan their travel together if they want to and make things much easier and convenient.
We believe that spreading awareness about safety as it is the way to prevent any mishap from happening. You can read about safety protocols by Clicking Here.
We provide separate accommodations for men and women on all our treks, be it the homestays or the tents at a campsite.
Our team promotes women being Outdoor Leaders. We have a good number of women Outdoor Leaders to lead the treks.


We start with a 398 km drive from Bangalore to Nilgiri Base. Our Nilgiris Kallar Valley Trek is one of the lesser-known Bangalore weekend trek getaways. Once everyone boards the Get Beyond Limits bus, a brief summary about the Kallar Valley Nilgiris Waterfalls Trek would be provided by our outdoor leaders along with an introduction amongst the trekkers. We advise trekkers to have light dinner before boarding the bus. The overnight journey to Kallar Valley Nilgiris Waterfalls Trek will be very exciting and it makes a perfect weekend trek-trip to the Western Ghats of Tamil Nadu.

The dark night gets over with each sunrise. We will reach Nilgiris base camp early in the morning. We would like you to not miss the beautiful sunrise which we will encounter amidst tea gardens of Western Ghats of Tamil Nadu. Our base camp is in between the prodigious hills of Nilgiris surrounded by tea gardens, mountains and infinite views.

Nilgiris Waterfalls Trek

Our day shall start with a briefing about the day and etiquettes to be maintained, followed by freshening up and breakfast. Meanwhile, we will also get our lunch packed for the Kallar Valley Nilgiris Waterfalls Trek.

Nilgiris Waterfalls Trek

The Nilgiris trek begins with a declined slope on a jeep trail surrounded by tea gardens. One can view the sheer drops of Nilgiri district of Tamil Nadu. This stretch has a plantation of cardamom and cinnamon as well. The trail has an aroma of tea. This trek can be a paradise for tea lovers?


Once we start our trek, we will encounter a beautiful ridge to get down to the first waterfall. The ridge has a deep sheer drop. You can even spot the Nilgiri toy train from here and also highest mountains of Nilgiris. Be careful with the boulders on the ridge. The valley we see by standing on the massive boulders on the ridge is the Kallar valley. Take a deep breath and absorb the view.

Nilgiris Waterfalls Trek
Nilgiris Waterfalls Trek


This takes us down to a small waterfall between tea gardens. The water can be 5ft or deeper in the waterfall. The idea is to get wet and have fun only and not to challenge the waterfall and its depth. One can change clothes if required in the vicinity. This is one of the places where you can refill your water bottles on the trek.

Nilgiris Waterfalls Trek


Our trail to the second waterfall is through an uphill tea estate. It is very important to walk only on the the trails and not harm the tea leaves. As nature lovers, we should never pluck any plants on the trail without permission from the owners. On this stretch, we will be able to see the tribal huts of Nilgiris too. The tribals are an essential part of the wilderness. Do not disturb them at any point of time. The plateau we reach now provides huge vision of the tea gardens and our hike to the next waterfall begins here.

Nilgiris Waterfalls Trek


The deep valleys from the plateau go towards the 2nd waterfall. It is at a distance of about 6 kms from the uphill tea estate. The trail passes between tea gardens and forest covers. There will be a moderation in the inclined and declined plane. During the monsoons, the route can be slippery too. We advise you to wear good trekking shoes. The waterfall is very fast flowing and is not a good idea to get into water from the top. To get wet one can go to the lower side of the waterfall. It is very sad to see people littering a serene place like this. Our Project Green Wing will pick up litter from here on the day of the event. We will return to the base from a different route. Depending on the time, we will visit a tea factory either in the evening or the next morning.


Those who trek 17 kms of Kallar Valley Nilgiris Waterfall, deserve good food along with campfire. It is time to connect with the thoughts and mother nature. We don’t encourage loud-speakers for music. Any acoustic instrument which blends with environment creating a peaceful state and atmosphere is encouraged.

Nilgiris Waterfalls Trek


Now that we know Nilgiris is a paradise for tea lovers, we would like to take it further to showcase the various steps of tea making right from plucking of leaves to getting the tea powder packed. You can also check out your favourite tea based on processing and aroma.

Nilgiris Waterfalls Trek


To make our return journey even more interesting, we will return via Bandipur National Park. Get ready to see how to dense forest looks from the inside! It is a common site to spot elephants in the forests as the vehicles cross this region. Bandipur National Park is know to be home to animals like Tigers, Wild Boar, Giant Flying Squirrel, Golden Jackal, Sloth Bear, Striped Hyaena, Leopard etc.


The drop points will be same as pickup points. The trek is only successful when the participants can feel a difference in them. The intent is to experience and believe in the concept of ‘Get Beyond Limits’ and conquer all the mental as well as the physical barriers of life. Always remember, ‘Kallar Valley Nilgiris Waterfalls Trek Ka Tempo High Hai’ and so shall be yours.

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RUCKSACK/DAY PACK The broader the straps are the better you will feel. A frame oriented distributes the weight supporting the back. Suggested Capacity: 40L 1
JACKET/SWEATER The weather changes drastically, carrying a light jacket or a sweater is required at night and morning as it is cold. 1
CARGOS/ TRACK PANTS A light synthetic track pant that can easily dry when wet in case of rainfall. Cargos are rugged and are good on jungle terrains which gives it a less chance to be torn down by thorns 2
T-SHIRT/SHIRT T-shirt/Shirt Carry light cotton t-shirts preferably full sleeves to avoid sun burn. Avoid carry black as it is a heat absorber. 2-3
CAP/HAT A cap or a hat that can cover the head and face against the direct sunlight during peak hours. 1
SLIPPERS/FLIP FLOPS Comfortable slippers or flip flops for the homestay and the return journey. 1
SHOES A pair of shoe with good traction and water proof body is an ideal match. Ensure that the shoes are not old or new, get used to the shoe if it is new, as a rule you should be comfortable to walk in difficult terrain for 6 hours at least. 1 Pair
SOCKS Sports or cotton socks that don’t make your feet sweat on long walks. Carrying few extra pair is always a good idea in case they get wet 3 Pairs
RAIN COAT/PONCHO A compact raincoat or a poncho that can quickly dry when wet is very important considering the amount of rain-shower that happens especially in Monsoon. 1
WATER BOTTLE A 2 litre good leak proof water bottle. Don’t miss the chance to drink spring water, if any. 1
TORCH A small sized torch is mandatory. You would not like be in limits after the sunset. 1
PERSONAL MEDICATION KIT Crocin, Combiflam, Dettol, ORS, Betadine Cream, Volini Spray, Digene, Cotton, Crape Bandage and Band Aid or any other medicine which you take frequently. 1 Set
REPAIR KIT Even if you don’t know how to use thread and needle still carry them, sometimes they can be the last resort. 1 Each
TOWEL It should be light and easily dry after use. 1
TOILETRIES Soap, Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Toilet paper, Sunscreen, etc. for your convenience. 1 Each
SUN GLASSES Sturdy, convenient to carry sun glasses for eye protection. 1


29 to 01 Mar 2020 (OPEN)
25 to 26 Apr 2020 (OPEN)

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Personalized Trek: 080880 04404

Duration: 10:15 PM, Fri - 09:30 PM, Sun

Trek Fee: Rs 4099/- (5% GST applicable)

  • - Bangalore to Bangalore Private Travel
  • - Travel via the mountains of Nilgiris
  • - Camp/Tented Accommodation in the heart of the mountains
  • - Campfire (subjective)
  • - 2 Breakfasts, 1 Lunch, 1 Dinner
  • - A visit to Tea Factory
  • - Spend the night under the open sky
  • - Trek in tea gardens
  • - Disconnecting from the city and connecting with the open skies, the infinite views, the unlimited stars
  • - Nilgiris Tea
  • - Return via Bandipur National Park

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ATTRACTION Nilgiri Mountain Railway (toy train), tea garden and tea factories are the major attractions in Nilgiris. Apart from these, there are many waterfalls like Catherine Waterfalls and Elk Falls.
BEST SEASON All seasons have their own charm. The change in the colours of meadows, woods and rains always makes it appealing to the eyes of a trekker.
ADVISORY Nilgiri is a cold region where temperature can drop below 10 °C at night. It is advised to wear proper woolens when coming to Nilgiris.
WATER SOURCES Reliable sources of water are at our campsite and the two waterfalls.


DISTANCE 398kms from Bangalore
ROAD Nilgiris is well connected by roads from all sides. There are buses which leave from Bangalore, Chennai and Coimbatore to various districts of Nilgiris.
ROUTE 1 (via Salem) Bangalore - Krishnagiri - Dharampuri - Salem - Erode - Mettupalayam - Nilgiri.
ROUTE 2 (via Mysuru Road) Bangalore - Mandya - Mysuru - Gundlupete - Madumalai National Park - Nilgiri.
NEAREST RAILWAY STATION Mettupalayam Railway Station and Coimbatore Railway Station are very close to Nilgiris.
NEAREST AIRPORT Coimbatore International Airport